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San Francisco Bicycle Sales

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When you live in or visit San Francisco, you will no doubt understand the bike culture here. The best way to experience the beauty of the Bay area is on two wheels. Electric Bicycle Super Store is here to equip you with the perfect bicycle for your daily or vacation needs! We rent, sell, and service both regular and electric bikes.

Our location is in close proximity to Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and all other sites you want to see when coming to San Francisco! We also have bike leasing options available, allowing you to be as flexible as you need with your electronic bike purchase. Call us today at (415) 567-3300 if you have any questions about our inventory!

Service & Products That Set Us Apart

Our bike super store provides such exceptional service and exciting products that we have even been given an award from the mayor of San Francisco himself! Specializing in brand name inventory, replacement ebike parts, and bicycle accessories, you can find everything you need when you visit us!

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You can stop by today and compare various brands, styles, and price ranges side by side in our store. If you want to try a bike out, all you have to do is wear a helmet and sign a waiver and we will let you take it on a free test ride! Need general service work? Not a problem! We service every bike we sell and can even work on regular bikes. We specifically select brands that have outstanding records of service and quality. A majority of the bikes come with a manufacturer warranty, giving you even more peace of mind about your purchase.

Have questions? Want to learn more about our products and services? Contact us at (415) 567-3300 to talk with one of our friendly staff members!

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Why Choose Us?

  • Award Won from Mayor and San Francisco
  • Owner has Electronics Background
  • Central Historic Fillmore District Location
  • Easy Proximity to Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and Other Tourist Attractions
  • Overnight bike rental for the purpose of evaluation of your choice before you buy - get 1/2 the rental fee applied to your purchase.
  • We have been selling ebikes since 2002 and have been operating a retail location since 2005.
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