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Are you looking for a unique way to tour the San Francisco area? Do you need a new, efficient way to commute to and from work? At Electric Bicycle Super Store, we offer a wide variety of ebicycles and bicycles you can either purchase or rent for a period of time. Our team has provided answers to frequently asked questions regarding our products and services below. If you have any further questions, please do not hesitate to contact us at (415) 567-3300 today!

What types of ebikes do you offer?
We offer a variety of ebikes including commuter models and longtail cargo bikes. No matter what type of ebike you are searching for, we have it at our store.

How do I know what bicycle is right for me?
When you visit our store, you can compare various brands and styles of bikes. If you would like to test drive a bike, you must sign a waiver and wear a helmet. Our test ride course takes about ten minutes and has a mixture of flats, small hills, and large hills. If you wish to try another bike, you can go through the test course again. When you are ready to purchase a bike, we can either order a new bike or you can buy the demo bike. If you still need more time to determine if you like a specific bike, you can rent the bike for 24 hours. Once you decide you like the bike and wish to purchase it, half the rental fee will be applied to the purchase price.

Do you service bicycles?
We service every bike we sell and depending on the bike, we may have been trained by the manufacturer to work on their electric bicycles, batteries, controllers, and more. Our team can also service regular bikes. To learn more about our service fees, please contact our store.

Do I need a driver license or insurance?
Our electric bicycle do not require any sort of license, registration or insurance. You must be over 16 years old and must wear a helmet.

Can I ride an E-bike anywhere I would ride a regular bike?
Yes. With certain restrictions, for instance, if you ride across the Golden Gate Bridge or on the Embarcadero Sidewalk you should be under human only power.

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  • Award Won from Mayor and San Francisco
  • Owner has Electronics Background
  • Central Historic Fillmore District Location
  • Easy Proximity to Golden Gate Park, Ocean Beach, and Other Tourist Attractions
  • Overnight bike rental for the purpose of evaluation of your choice before you buy - get 1/2 the rental fee applied to your purchase.
  • We have been selling ebikes since 2002 and have been operating a retail location since 2005.
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