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Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

The BESV "Panther" or PS1 is a Full Suspension (front and rear shock absorber) all Carbon Fiber and aluminum electric bicycle with 20" Schwalbe Big Apple tires, a 250 watt rear geared hub motor and a Sony 36 volt 6.6 ahr Li-ION battery that is key locked and removable. This bike will go approximately 16 miles per hour and has a range of about 15-25 miles depending on rider weight, terrain and assist level. This bike is a PAS or pedal assist only bike with 3 modes (hi-medium -low) and SMART mode which uses various data points on the bike to maximize the power to range ratio to give the rider a natural, consistent feel while pedaling the bike on flats or hills. It has a 7 speed Shimano Altus derailleur, dual hydraulic disc brakes and lights. It also has a bright, back-light display that shows the speed, battery power, mode, etc. It only weights 37.2 lbs and comes in three distinct colors, Polished White, Cyber Yellow and Blazing Red.

Price: $1,999 SALE (Normally $2,500)

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

The BESV "Lion" or LX1 is the larger cousin to the Panther and is constructed of composite plastics and aluminum that has 700c Schwalbe Energizer Plus tires with puncture protection and a 500 watt rear direct drive hub motor for speeds up to 20 mph. The Sony Li-ION Battery is 11.2 ahr and is located in the down tube between the seat and handlebars and is securely locked into a compartment and is easily removed for charging but it is not necessary as there is a charging port on the bottom of the bike. The Lion offers the same 4 levels of PAS as the Panther and the large integrated display and dual brightness headlight gives the rider data such as speed, battery charge level, assist level, etc. The LION features a Shimano Deore XT-10 speed derailleur, hydraulic disc brakes and dual side torque sensors and has a range of up to 25-50 miles per charge and weighs about 60 lbs. It comes in Blazing Red, Bone White and Gunmetal Gray. IN STOCK

Price: $4,500

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

The BESV "Jaguar" is the newest addition to the line and will be available in the summer of 2015. It is also constructed of composite plastics and aluminum but is the only "Step-Thru" version that they currently produce. It has 26" Schwalbe Tires and a 500 watt rear direct drive motor capable of speeds up to 20 mph and the SONY battery has a range of 25-50 miles per charge. It is located in the frame but is easily removed for charging but can be charged on the bike. A key is necessary to turn the bike ON-OFF and to remove the battery adding extra security. IN STOCK

Price: $2,800

Personal Transportation Vehicle - Scooter

EcoReco "M-3" AND "M-5" Electric Scooter - www.ecorecoscooter.com

We now offer both the front suspension M-3 scooter and the dual suspension M-5 electric scooters by Ecoreco along with a host of accessories and replacement/repair parts. This is one of the best Electric "Kick" type scooters I have ever riden. The company is in Campbell, California but the product is made in Taiwan and is constructed of only the hightest quality components such as aircraft grade Aluminum and only weights 37 lbs, making it one of the lightest electric scooters available. The scooter can go up to about 18 mph and the motor is a direct drive, brushless system that is 250 watts and does not use a chain or belt, so there is nothing to wear out or needs replacing. The enclosed, non-removable battery is a 36 volt at 8 ahr LifePo4 and is good for about 16 miles per charge. It gets 85% of its charge from empty in only 2.5 hours and fully recharges in 4.5 hours. It folds down for easy transport and has an optional carrying case. The wheels are solid so you can never get a flat or have to replace an inner tube and it has an integrated front shock absorber and trigger type throttle, Backlight LCD display with speed, battery power, trip distance and odometer and rear left hand brake. Folds down in less that 3 seconds and can hold riders up to 260 lbs. PERFECT FOR BART, MUNI OR CALTRAIN. Comes in black only with a 1 year warranty. IN STOCK

Price: $899 - M-3 and $1,099 - M-5

Personal Transporation Vehicle (PTV)

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycles

BH Easy Motion "Carbon" Electric Bicycle - www.emotionbikesusa.com

The "Carbon" by BH Easy Motion is the most developed of the NEO line and features Carbon Fiber Frame components that help strengthen it as well as make it lighter and therefore faster. The Carbon has the identical 350 watt at 36 vdc at 9 ahr Electric drive system as the rest of the line and features a Shimano Deore 30 speed drive train and hydralic front and rear disc brakes. The frame only comes in Medium Size, 19" in black. Weighs 45 lbs.

Price: $4,599.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

BH Easy Motion " Neo Jumper 650B" Electric Bicycle - www.emotionbikesusa.com

The Neo Jumper by Easy Motion bikes is a world class bike by a world renowned bike maker, BH Bikes of Spain. They have been make bikes for over 100 years and the "Neo" line of ebikes is crafted to a higher level. The Jumper 650B features a geared 350 watt rear motor and a 12 ahr Li-ION battery that is mounted to the frame and is removable for security and charging. The Jumper is set-up like the very popular downhill frames with full suspension with adjustable dampening and fork stiffness. The 27.5" x 2.25" tires are nobby for off road use but can also be used on city streets. The operating system is 5 level pedal assist and a throttle and the bike has 30 gears with 3 in front and 10 in back, so no matter what the terrain you will have plenty of options at your fingertips. Only weighs 48 lbs and comes in black/red and white/red frame colors. This bike is sold out and we are the only store in the Bay Area with one for demo and sale. It comes with a 2-5 years warranty and is currently .

Price: $4,199.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

BH Easy Motion "Neo 650 B" - Electric Bicycle www.emotionikesusa.com

The "650 B" is the second most popular selling electric bicycle from BH Easy Motion behind the "City" Commuter. The 650 B and 650 B Jumper both have the same High Torque 350 watt geared Hub Motor and 12 ahr Lithium Battery, the main difference is the Jumper is a full suspension bike whereas the 650B only has front suspension and a "hard-tail" rear design wihout a shock absorber. Other than that they both have the same world famous attention to quality, design and performance and this bike also has 30 gears (3 in front and 10 in back) and is both throttle and pedal assist operated. Frame comes only in 19" Medium size and has a blue, black white color scheme. It weights 49 lbs.

Price: $2,999.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bikes

BH Easy Motion "Jet" Electric Bicycle - www.emotionbikesusa.com

The "Jet" by BH Easy Motion is designed with a slighly smaller cock-pit and lower cross bar and is suitable for smaller riders. It still features the 350 watt geared rear hub motor but the larger 36 volt 12 ahr Lithium battery as found on the higher end bikes. It comes standard with front and rear hydraulic disc brakes, 30 speed transmission, throttle and 5 level pedal assistance. This bike is perfect for riders from 5'2" and up and comes in white, medium sized 19" frame only. The bike weighs 52 lbs..

Price: $2,999.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bikes

BH Easy Motion "City" Commuter Style Electric Bicycle - www.emotionbikesusa.com

The "City" by BH Easy Motion is by far the most popular selling bike in their NEO line for the following reasons. It is very commuter friendly and sports fenders, a rear rack, dynamo powered front and rear lights, an adjustable headset, Uni-sex step-thru frame design, full chain guard and standard V-Brakes. The City uses the same 350 watt geared Hub Motor as the rest of the brand and the battery is upgradeable to the larger 12 ahr size, but comes standard with the 9 ahr removable/locking battery. The bike comes large and medium frame sizes with a black/gray color scheme and weighs 52 lbs.

Price: $2,795

Fully Assembled Electric Bikes

BH Easy Motion "Volt" Folding electric bicycle - www.emotionbikesusa.com

The "Volt" by BH Easy Motion is one of the best folding bikes we have ever carried. The Volt has the same 36 volt 9 ahr battery style as most of the other bikes in its NEO line, but it has a 350 watt geared hub motor with 20" wheels, so it is great for climbing hills. It comes complete with Pedal Assist and a Throttle and has a rear rack, 7 speed freewheel, adjustable steering column and a front and rear light set powered by an front wheel dynamo. And unlike most folding bikes, the bike folds upward instead of in half so it is easier to maneuver when collapsed. The bike weighs 45 lbs and comes in black only. It was selling for $2,499 but the price has been reduced by the factory.

Price: $1,799.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bikes

Retro Track Racer Electric Bicycle by Ace Electric Bikes ( http://aceelectricmotorbikes.com/ )

The Retro Track Racer by Ace Electric Bicycles is a one of a kind, hand crafted machine. The inspiration for this 2000 watt electric bicycle are the Track Racing bikes of the 20-40s. The bike features all standard Crystalite Electronics for worry free service and parts stream continuity. The bike uses a Lithium Iron Phosphate battery that is 48 volts at 15 ahr. The speed is approximately 25-30mph on flats and it has a range of about 20 miles per charge. It has a one speed rear freewheel, 24" ballon tires, 2 fork front springer shock, Gves leather saddle and a removable key switch for added security. Availaible with optional GPS tracking system and car alarm type security system for an additional installation fee (monthly service charges may apply). The bikes weighs about 65 lbs and comes in a variety of standard and custom colors. Consult the Ace Electric Website for color options. IN STOCK

Price: $2,700.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bikes

Pedego "City Commuter" Electric Bicycle (www.pedego.com)

The City Commuter by Pedego is quite frankly one of the best electric bicycles I have ever riden. What makes it so special is the mixture of power, grace and style that sets a new bench mark for the electric bicycle. It features a 500 watt geared rear hub motor running at either 36 or 48 volts for speeds around + 20 mph. The bike has 28" wheels, a removable battery in a new and improved rear rack, dual disc brakes, seat post shock absorber, slime filled inner tubes and intergrated head and tail lights. It comes in black or white frame colors and weighs about 60 lbs.

Price: $2,995.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bikes

Pedego "Interceptor II" Electric Bicycle - 2016 version (www.pedego.com)

The 2013 Interceptor II by Pedego is vastly improved over the previous version. For starters, the motor has been upgraded from the faster but lower torque 750 watt direct drive to the stronger 500 watt planetary geared versions used on the City Commuter bikes. The Interceptor features both Power on Demand and Multi Level Pedal assist and has the more powerfull 48 volt battery located in the improved rear rack. The oversized ballon tires give the bike the same ultra smooth ride Pedego is known for and the bike features dual disc brakes, intergrated lights and a seat post shock absorber. The frames come in black, red and white and the bike weighs about 62 lbs.

Price: $2,995.00

Fully Assembled Electric

Pedego "Trail Tracker" Electric Bicycle (www.pedego.com)

The Pedego Trail Tracker is a one of a kind electric bicycle that really stands out from the crowd. The first thing you will notice about this bike is the oversized 26" x 4" wide tires designed for sand, snow and loose soil trails. The Trail Tracker is powered by a beefy, geared 600 watt rear, brushless hub motor and a 48 volt 11 ahr Lithium battery. This bike is power on demand (no pedal assist) and can reach speeds around 20 mph. The bike has a 7 speed freewheel and a smaller than average chainring which means most hills will not be a problem. The frames come in red, green and black colors and the bike weighs about 60 lbs.

Price: $3,595

Electric Bicycle

Pedego Tandem Electric Bicycle

The TANDEM electric bicycle by Pedego features the same hi-powered 48 volt system as found on the INTERCEPTOR for speeds around 15 mph with a range of 20 miles. This electric TANDEM is especially helpful for couples where one partner is in better physical shape than the other and the motor is used to help compensate. This bike offers 700 watts of power for great hill climbing and features the same world class components and craftsmanship that has made Pedego world famous. Available in black only. Select standard or ballon tire package. The optional "Double Size" battery pack means you can keep going all day without the need to recharge. 3 year warranty on the battery and 1 year on the frame/motor.

Price: $2,995.00

Biruni Motors "Metropolis" Electric Cargo Bike (www.birunimotorbikes.com)

The Metropolis by Biruni Motors is the newest electric cargo bike on the market. This bike features a rear brushless, 500 watt direct drive, high torque motor capable of speeds around 20 mph with a range of approx. 25 miles per charge from the removable Li-ION battery (36 vdc at 12 ahr). The operating system is both a multi-level pedal assist and throttle. The LCD consol on the handlebar displays speed, battery power, odometer, load in watts, etc. The unique asymetric frame is 17" and is made of aluminum and has a built in front basket mount and rear pannier mounting brackets capable of receiving most off-the-shelf saddlebags. The 26" x 2.35" Brown Ballon tires have a reflective side wall and multi surface tread pattern good for urban riding and bike trails. 8 speed rear derailleur has a grip shifter and comes standard with dual disc brakes. The bike weighs 60 lbs and comes in black, yellow and green frame colors in one size only. IN STOCK

Price: $1899.00 (Available in Bue only - 1 unit left)

Fully Assembled Bicycle - Not Electric

Biruni Motors "Metropolis"- Non Electric Version - Electric Ready

The Metropolis bicycle by Biruni Motors is non-electric but is electric motor ready. The frame is aluminum and very lightweight. The battery compartment unter the seat is standard size and designed to fit the most popular vertical mounted batteries. The bike features the same asymetric frame, balloon tires with reflective side walls, integrated front basket mount and seat post shock absorber. The bike is available in black, blue, vanilla and red frame colors and it only weighs 32 lbs. IN STOCK

Price: $999.00 (Available in Blue and Yellow only)

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Volton "Alation" Electric Bicycle (www.voltonbicycles.com)

The Alation by Volton is now a middrive bicycle. This bike features a 500 watt Bafang Middrive Motor capable of 20+ mph. The 48 volt battery pack is situated inside the downtube of the bicycle frame and weighs about 14 lbs. The battery is 11 ahr in capacity and good for around 20 miles range per charge. The battery is removable and locks to the frame and the key is used to turn on and off the bike as well as the battery lock. The bike uses a pedal assist system with 5 selectable power levels as well as a twist grip throttle. The bike comes with 7 speed derailleur, front shock absorber, disc brakes, powered head light and fenders. A step-thru version is also available. Frame colors and Black and Red (shown) and Oblivion white. This bike weighs 55 lbs. We only have the Black/Red 500 watt at 36 volt. IN STOCK

Price: $2,649.00 (26" wheel size)

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

A2B "Shima" Electric Bicycle - www.wearea2b.com

The "Shima" by A2B (formerly known as Ultra Motor and Hero/Eco) is one of the best electric bicycles on the market. It features a 500 watt direct drive motor that is designed for high torque but is one of the fastest bikes and will achieve up to 30 mph and has a maximum range of about 37 miles per charge. It is distinguished by being "pedal assist" only and uses the TMM4 type torque sensor, but does have a "turbo" button that turns the motor on for power on demand needs. The frame is very easy to mount and the 24" wheel size makes it easy for people around 5 feet tall and up to comfortably ride. It also features a RFID type key that turns the bike off and on by simply waving over the LCD display. The 36 volt Li-IOon battery is 13.2 ahr and boasts a new and improved magnetic mating system that does away with cumberson recharging jacks and polarized plugs. Quite simply, this is one of the best electric bicycles on the market and can stand up to other brands like Strommer, Specialized, etc. Comes in white , black and silver frame colors and weighs about 73 lbs. IN STOCK

Price: $2,799

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

A2B OCTAVE 2015 version by Hero/Eco (www.heroeco.com)

The A2B is one of the Premier Electric Bicycle Brands available today. Well known around the world as a reliable and powerfull bike for use in Electric Bike Rental Fleets, this bike is an excellent bike to own and operate. If this bike were a car, it would be a "Hummer H-3". It features a 500 watt direct drive, rear brushless hub motor in a 20" x 3" wheel. This means that it does really well on hills and the dual suspension soaks-up potholes and rough terrain. The A2B has an internal "a" battery and an optional, external "b" battery. Each battery has a range of approx. 20 miles or a total of 40 miles with both batteries. The newer 2015 Model has an improved backlight LCD display that gives the rider battery power level, speed, distance, time, etc. The new model also has regenerative braking, an improved key location and integrated head/tail lights, fenders and dual disc brakes. The bike weighs 80 lbs with one battery or about 95 lbs with both. 5 year frame warranty, 2 years on propulsion and 1 year on the battery(ies). Frame colors include: Black, Brushed Aluminum, Red and Yellow. Many Accessories available at www.heroeco.com IN STOCK

Price: $2,899

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Artemis Electric Bicycle by Emazing Ebike (www.emazingbike.com)

The "Artemis" Electric Bicycle by Emazing bikes is a good, entry level bike designed for those who want a less complicated ebike that maintains the true feel of bicycling. The most astonishing part of the bike is the simple feel and ease of use. A patented in motor torque sensor allows the geared rear hub motor to switch between high torque for climbing hills and high speed for traveling on flats. The motor is 350 watts and the new model has 4 levels of pedal assist and a throttle. In the lowest or economy level you can get around 60 miles per charge and around 20 miles in the highet power setting or with the throttle. The frame locking, removable battery is a 36 volt at 8.7 ahr Panasonic Li-ION battery that is designed to look like a water bottle and with the low profile motor and 700 c tires most people will not think this is an electric bike. It has a very light weight Aluminum frame and the entire bike weights only 36 lbs. It comes in a variety of frame sizes to fit any rider up to 250 lbs. Frame colors come in Black or White and the bike is warrantied for 1 year. IN STOCK

Price: $1,729.00

Fully Assembled Folding Electric Bicycle

A2B "Kuo+" Folding Ebike by Hero/Eco (www.wearea2b.com)

The Kuo+ by A2B is one of the best folding electric bicycles we have ever seen. What makes it soo great is a mixture of light weight, motor power and battery size. This bike features a 250 watt rear hub motor with the smaller 20" x 1.95" wheels. This means it has great hill climbing power and a top speed of around 15 mph. It has a locking and removable 36 volt by 8 ahr battery that weighs less than 10 lbs but has a range of up to 25 miles. It has a 7 speed Shimano Derailleur, v-brakes, digital display and a folding bicycle frame. It only weighs 40 lbs and comes in a gloss black frame color. This bike is perfect for smaller riders or those who want to take an ebike on Mass Transit systems such as Caltrain, BART or MUNI. IN STOCK

Price: $1,699.00

Electric Cargo Bicycle

Yuba Mundo Cargo Electric Bicycle - Cyclone Motor - (www.cyclone-usa.com)

The Mundo cargo bicycle is by far the most well made electric cargo bicycle on the market today. This bike features a 360-900 watt chain drive motor that delivers unsurpassed power to carry people, cargo or both. The motor puts power directly through the bicycle chain and to the rear gears, giving you 2-3 times the power of even the strongest hub motor. 24 or 36 volt systems require a specially built battery that has a range from 15 to 30 miles depending on weight. The bike is shown without the huge side panniers and can hold up to 2 childseats. The frame is available in Tangerine, Blue or Black. 1 year warranty on Parts, 6 months on the battery.

Price: $2,750.00

Electric Cargo Bicycle

Yuba "EL Mundo" Electric Cargo Bicycle ( http://yubaride.com/electric-cargo-bicycle)

The 2012 Yuba "El Mundo" differs slightly from the "Cyclone and Eco Speed Motor Mundo" in the sence that the motor is found in the front wheel of the bike instead of underneath in the chain. It has the same, ultra powerfull geared front hub motor as found on the HEBB and is approx. 1000 watts peak output at 36 volts. The Lithium battery found on the El Mundo is also the same as on the HEBB and comes in either 10 or 14 ahr sizes for a range between 20-35 miles, depending on rider/cargo weight and terrain. Comes standard with a battery meter, rear disc brake, and side load bars. 1 year warranty on parts and 6 months on the battery.

Price: $2,697.00

Electric Cargo Bicycle

Yuba Mundo with EcoSpeed Motor http://www.ecospeed.com/emtnd1details.htm

This version of the very popular Yuba Mundo cargo bike features a 1000 watt chain drive motor by Eco Speed. This Motor Kit is made in the USA and features a very advanced motor controller that can run on 36 or 48 volts, a Cycle Analyst bike computer and a Phil Wood Bottom bracket. Another great feature is that this bike has 21 speeds and 3 front gears, meaning you can get up the steepest hill even with cargo or passengers by simply shifting the front chain-ring into first gear. This is the most powerfull Yuba Mundo Cargo bike we offer and is designed for those who have large hills or want heavy duty carrying capacity.

Price: $5,500.00

Fully Assembled Cargo Bike - Not Electric

Yuba Mundo NuVinci Lux (www.yubabikes.com)

The Mundo Lux featuring the NuVinci is the newest addition to the Mundo line of heavy duty cargo bikes. The bike is not an electric bicycle, but rather a standard bike build around the revolutionary NuVinci Hub that uses a continuosly variable planetary gear system that does not use numbers to describe the gears but rather a smooth, flat surface or a gently sloping hill. The advantage of the system is that if offers super smooth, infinitly variable shifting on the rear hub of the bike. The Mundo Lux also features a Shimano Hub Dynamo in the front wheel and has LED lighting in front and back of the bike powered by the dynamo. This bike can also be made into the electric version using the front wheel EZEE kit, but not the rear wheel bionx. The bike is available in Green color only and weights 50 lbs. IN STOCK

Price: $1,999.00

Fully Assembled Electric Cargo Bicycle

Juiced Riders / ODK Electric Cargo Bicycle (www.juicedriders.com)

The "Juiced Riders" Electric Cargo bike is a one of a kind bicycle with great features. The bike has a 500 watt geared front hub motor and an oversized 48 volt at 22 ahr LiMn battery for speeds around 20 mph with a range of up to 50 miles. The main advantage of this bike is the fact that it has 20" wheels and a very low step over bar. This means smaller or shorter riders will feel more comfortable as the rider is closer to the ground. Some other very nice features are that it has cruise control, front disc brake, Kenda Ebike tires and 4x thick tubes and a large rear deck. The battery is not removable and the bike can easily be modified for Food Delivery Use. The bike can handle up to 330 lbs and It weighs 73 lbs and comes in green, gray and red frame colors.

Price: $2,999.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Boda Boda Electric Cargo Bike by Yuba http://yubaride.com/electric-boda-boda

The Boda Boda is an electric cargo style bike that uses the world famous Bionx propulsion system. The motor is a 350 watt direct drive with a 36 volt at 6.6 ahr Li-ION battery for speeds around 20mph and a range of 20 miles. The thing that makes this bike special is the welded Aluminum frame, so the bike is smaller and lighter than the El Mundo, making it a great choice for those who need a cargo bike but not as large as the El Mundo. The bike has 5 levels of pedal assist and regenerative charging as well as a throttle. The battery (located under the rear deck) locks to the frame and fully recharges in about 3 hours. The bike shown is the step-thru version but it also comes in a higher bar version. Ballon tires, bamboo running boards, rear deck and real cork handlebar grips give this bike a destinctive style of its own. The bike weighs 57 lbs and comes in various colors. ELECTRIC BODA IN STOCK

Price: $3,300.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Day 6 DREAM E with Cyclone Motor

The Journey DREAM E by Day 6 bicycles is one of the most comfortable bicycles ever designed. Its' slightly pushed back design reduces user fatique by eliminating the need to be right over the bike. The motor is mounted slightly further back than on most installations and can be shipped directly from the factory partially assembled or picked up at our location fully assembled. The bike frame can handle from 500 -1200 watt motors making it one the fastest and most powerfull bike available since it runs directly through all 7-21 of the bicycles' rear gears. 1 year warranty on the frame and motor and 6 months on the battery. Designed for riders up to 360 lbs.

Price: 2,875.00

Fully Assembled Electric Bicycle

Folding Electric Bicycle

Velomini Folding Electric Bicycle

The Velomini, which only weighs 36 lbs, is the smallest and lightest folding ebike available in the mid range price point for folding electric bicycles. The bike features an internal 3 speed rear gear hub and a 180 watt front hub motor with disc brake for speeds around 12-16 mph. The 9 ahr Li-ION battery is built inside the frame and has a range of about 10-15 miles with pedaling. The bike folds down to the size of a medium duffle bag. Great for getting from your car, rv or boat to town and back and comes in 5 vibrant colors - Silver shown. 1 year warranty. IN STOCK

Price: $1199

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